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Immersive Interactive Projection Sports Games Multiplayer Fitness Interactive Games

Brand Name
Indoor Outdoor
Small Size
Large Size
Max Resolution
4K laser
5000 Lumens
1 Year
After-Sales Service Provided
Supported and Instant

Principle and brief description of the immersive indoor room interactive projection motion game:

Principle: This technology is based on advanced projection technology, sensors and the indoor environment. Projectors project motion game scenes onto indoor walls, floors, or other surfaces while sensors monitor the user’s movements, position, and gestures. Users can trigger feedback on virtual game elements through body movements and interactions.

Fitness action integrates artificial intelligence visual recognition, big data analysis, holographic large screen and other technologies. Through holographic large screen, animation guidance, multi-touch and other means, exercisers can achieve fitness effects in entertainment and reduce the boring feeling of fitness. Different from traditional fitness, its advantages have three major characteristics: “immersion, scene-based, and interactive”. Smart Sports is a new generation of intelligent holographic interactive training system based on advanced artificial intelligence technology. Professional courses are paired with intelligent immersive scenes to create the ultimate fitness experience for users, making fitness training more fun and effective.

DESCRIPTION: The Immersive Indoor Room Interactive Projected Motion Game provides an exciting entertainment experience that transforms an indoor space into an interactive gaming venue. Users can play a variety of sports games, such as soccer and basketball, on the wall or floor and participate in the game through body movements. This technology not only inspires sports enthusiasm, but also provides the perfect combination of exercise and entertainment. It is suitable for home entertainment, gymnasiums, children’s play areas, and a variety of indoor venues, providing an immersive and interactive gaming experience.

1.All Kinds Of Training Lessons
2.Factory Directly
3.Monitor By Smart Data
4.Overturn Traditional Fitness Mode
5.Precise Touch, Smart Interactivity
6.Modern Technology, After-Sale Guarantee
7.Low Cost, Easy To Install
8.Unlimited By Sites


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