Interactive Alive Drawing Games


Drawing Comes to Life: Augmented Reality Takes Art to the Next Level

Brand name OneCraze
Games 4
Computer Specs I10th Generation Intelツョ Core邃「 i3 Processors 8G, 128G, Video Card 1050
Brightness 4000 Lumen
Sensors High frequency scanner
Accessories Mouse+keyborad: 1 set; Remote control: 1piece
Max Resolution 1920*1080
Throw Ratio 0.233:1
Warranty 3 Years
After-Sale Service Lifetime software support

Principle and description of the projection of the table drawing scanning to the wall can be interactive:

Principle: This technology is based on computer vision and projection technology. Cameras or sensors capture paintings or objects on the desktop, then the computer analyzes them and projects the corresponding virtual content on the wall. The user’s movements can also be captured by the sensors, allowing for interactivity.

Description: This innovative technology combines creativity and interactivity. Users can draw images or objects on the table and then scan them onto the wall to interact with the virtual content. This opens up endless possibilities for education, creative arts and entertainment, allowing users to create, explore and interact, bringing creativity to life.

You can draw a picture on the table and then scan the drawing on the machine to project it onto the wall for interaction

Painting and scanning machine wall projection game play

1. Choose the fish you want to draw
2. Paint it with your favorite color
3. Then place it next to the scanning instrument
Wait for about 3 seconds, the scanner will scan the animal in the picture
4. The scanner will scan the picture and appear on the projection screen
5. You can touch the screen with your hands to create animations


1.More people Interactivity
2.More Mode For Choice
3.Support Multiplayer Playing Games
4.Education With Entertainment To Attract People
5.Superior Performance, High-Quality And Low Price
6.Use For Many Scenarios


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